Preparedness and response activities in the Danube Region

The Environmental Risks Priority Area of the EU Danube Region Strategy got the opportunity to hold a side event at the FloodRisk2020 conference.

The Preparedness and response activities in the Danube Region session aim at introducing the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) Environmental Risks Priority Area (PA5) and its Disaster Management Working Group (DM-WG). The focus will be tailored to preparedness and response activities, with a special focus on Tailings Management and related initiatives of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) Accidental Pollution Control Expert Group (APC EG). The session will be concluded by sharing the latest information about possible funding instruments to achieve better preparedness and more effective response in the region.

The side event is lead by Laszlo Balatonyi and Gheorghe Constantin, co-coordinators of the Environmental Risks Priority Area.


  • Introduction: of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, Environmental Risks Priority Area (05) Dr. László Balatonyi / Gheorghe Constantin
    • Challenges in the Danube Region –
    • Strategic partnership in the Danube Region: EUSDR PA5 – Dr. László Balatonyi
  • Preparedness and response:
    • Remote sensing, as one of the potential technologies  – Dr. Tibor Bíró
    • Case study of a tailing management facility disaster – consequences and overall effect on the Hungarian disaster response system (Kolontár, HU) –  Katalin Vida Sándorné Balog 
    • The EUSDR PA5 Disaster Management Working Group – Zsolt Kelemen
    • Ongoing projects and funds related to Preparedness and response activities – Kinga Perge
  • Activities of ICPDR APC EG
    • Tailing Management in the Danube Region – Ádám Kovács

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