The Environmental Risks Priority Area (PA5) – coordinated by Hungary and Romania – has three major objectives to follow during its work. First, PA5 addresses the challenges of water scarcity and droughts based on the 2013 update of the Danube Basin Analysis and the ongoing work in the field of climate adaptation. Second, to implement Danube wide flood risk management plans – under the Floods Directive – with the aim to reduce flood risks significantly by 2021, taking into account the potential impacts of climate change as well. Third, to update the accidental risk spots inventory at the Danube River Basin level.


The Priority Area’s most significant activity in the field of environmental risks is to facilitate the flood protection of the Region and to enhance the flood safety of the whole Danube Basin involving the 14 stakeholder countries.


HU Coordination

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Priority Area Coordinator


RO Coordination

Ministry of Water and Forests


Priority Area Coordinator


General information about EUSDR can be foundhere  and at the EUSDR central webpage.