The PROFOUND (Procedures of Rescue Organizations in Flood Operations Unified in the Danube Region) project aims to improve the cooperation between non-governmental response capacities involved in flood response in the Danube Region with establishing and exercising a common framework for training and deploying in synergy with the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

The main output is a large-scale international flood response field exercise, which will be thoroughly planned for, including training and preparation of details.

The project objectives are:

  • Identify the capacities, gaps and good practices of the water rescue units and volunteer fire brigades
  • Develop the procedures of water rescue units and volunteer fire brigades according to the Guidelines for Standard Operating Procedures of EU to fit into international/regional/cross-border response
  • Develop sustainable training programme for the water rescue units and volunteer fire brigades and train them in order to have a common ground for deployment for flooding
  • Develop the volunteer units to fit into the coordination system if the UCPM is activated as responder or as host organization.
  • Building the basis of effective HNS by training the operational level for receiving international support through UCPM
  • Unified flood operations in the Danube Region

Number of partners: 4 (+ external partners to be involved for the exercise)

Project Budget: 631.953,77 EUR

Project Duration: Jan 2020 – Jun 2022

Project Lead Partner: Budapest Firefighter Association (Hungary)

Contact Details:

Funded by: DG ECHO Exercise Call

For more information please visit the official project website.