Reliable hydrologic data provides the basis for a dependable flood forecasting system in the Danube Basin. While it is important to have a proper emergency plan in the countries most afflicted by the flood risk, it is still more important to have a sound forecasting system that can increase the preparation time and therefore save human lives and social estate. A forecasting system that is based on the cooperation between the Danube Basin countries is the main objective of DAREFFORT project.




The project aims to explore the current status of the national forecasting abilities wherefrom the partners and the stakeholders could derive the common goals in order to develop the existing system in an inclusive way, therefore improve the forecasting system of the area.

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DAREFFORT E-learning Course


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The following modules are available:

1. Introduction to Flood and ice forecasting in the Danube River Basin

2. Flood forecasting and warning systems

3. Hydrological and meteorological monitoring and data acquisition

4. Forecasting the formation and evolution of ice phenomena on rivers

5. Flash flood forecasting and warning

6. Verification of Hydrological Forecasts

7. The EnviroNet data exchange system

8. Data Life Cycle

9. Representative National Flood Forecasting and Warning Systems within the Danube River Basin

10. Representative Regional Flood Forecasting and Warning Systems within the Danube River Basin