Disaster Management Network in the Danube Region


The DiMaND project aims to support civil protection and disaster risk management actors that promote and facilitate the development, dissemination, and exchange of knowledge, good practices, and expertise to support new and consolidate existing partnerships in civil protection and disaster risk management that enhance cooperation and synergies in prevention, preparedness and response.


The recently established Disaster Management Working Group of EU Strategy for the Danube Region Environmental Risks Priority Area aims to develop cooperation between disaster management stakeholders to improve the effectiveness of disaster preparedness and response at regional level. The main goal of DiMaND is to support this initiative and to strengthen the Disaster Management Network in the Danube Region by promoting the network of governmental and non-governmental disaster management organizations in the Danube Region. Therefore, this project directly supports the implementation of EUSDR PA5.


By improving cooperation between the volunteer and professional (public) civil protection services, the interoperability of the available assets will be improved.


For more information please visit the official project website.


Number of partners: 7

Project Budget: 341,608.2 € (EU contribution – 290 366.97 €)

Funded by: DG ECHO Knowledge Network

Project Duration:  01/01/2020 – 30/06/2022

Project Lead Partner: Budapest Firefighter’s Association (Hungary)

Contact Person: Zsolt Kelemen, President of Budapest Firefighter’s Association

Contact Details: kelemenzs@t-email.hu


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