HelpTeamUkraine (HTU) - capacity building and improved cooperation of volunteer rescue teams for better flood and emergency protection


Due to the reorganization of the Ministry of Civil Protection of Ukraine in 2013, Rescue and Civil protection services fall into the governance of State administrations within each region of Ukraine. This resulted in the lack of a professional base and a lack of know-how. The main objective of the overall project was to purchase the equipment needed for volunteer rescue organizations and build bases for volunteer rescuers with a training center in Transcarpathian Region, Ukraine.  HTU also aimed to transfer volunteer rescue service knowledge and practice from the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia to Transcarpathian Region, Ukraine. HTU conducted a feasibility study on the Training Center for Rescue Volunteers and implemented study tours for knowledge exchange. The project resulted in the capacity building of the Ukrainian volunteer rescue service organization since 12 Ukrainian, 1 Hungarian, and 1 Slovakian trainer have been trained in the Czech Republic in order to perform the training of rescue volunteers in Ukraine.


This project is a EUSDR START project.



Lead Partner: Comprehensive Rescue Center, NGO (UA)

Project Partners:

– Transcarpathian Agency for Investment, Innovation and Development (UA)

– Comprehensive Central Emergency Service (SK)

– Central-Budai Volunteer Unit of Civil Protection (HU)

– Vysocina Region (CZ)

Project duration: 01/04/2015 – 31/03/2016

Total project budget: 48 654 EUR

START contribution: 38 700 EUR