Oasis+Danube Loss Modelling Programme (O+D)


O+D project is a TAF-DRP project.

In the context of climate change, weather events can cause severe floods and droughts threatening properties, transport, economic and agricultural production. The main objective of the project is to develop common risk assessment and planning tools and measures to successfully adapt to changing water supply patterns in the Danube Region. A major international modelling tool for water supply management is to be developed, based on the existing model “OASIS+”. The model should address different types of hazards, risks and climate change considerations.


The main objective is to raise awareness about the OASIS+ solution and establish a partnership to move forward to piloting the model in 7 countries. By the end of TAF‐DRP services following should be reached:

‐ Project partners and appropriate funding are identified

‐ Technical information for the preparation of a project proposal is available to the beneficiary


Project outputs:


Overview on implementation of directive 2007/60/EC in all envisaged pilot countries (excl. SI) ‐ Identification of 2 possible types of financing sources: Horizon 2020 and Life for climate change and research; regional funds (see “Funding sources”) for strengthening of local authorities and implementation ‐ Approx. 55 potential partners in the water sector identified and presented incl. contact details


General information and modelling suit of Future Danube was also introduced during the 11th Steering Group Meeting of EUSDR PA5 at Budapest with a presentation


Project Leader: Pannon Pro Innovations Ltd. Hungary

Contact Person: Edina Budai, Pannon Pro Innovations Ltd.

Contact Details: edina.budai@ppis.hu