Project Acronym: PA 05 Environmental Risks


The objective of the project to support the continuous coordination of the Priority Area 5 (PA5) “Management of Environmental Risks”: to facilitate a stable, effective and innovative governance system for the PA in order to enhance cooperation in the field of flood management and climate change in the Danube Basin to ensure the implementation of the EUSDR by ensuring the smooth actuation of PA5 with special regard to ongoing and current processes. It helps to implement the targets of the Environmental Risks Priority Area (PA5), helps the PACs to support and generate projects that would implement the milestones of the PA5 Action Plan and the measures of the Danube Region Flood Management and Cooperation Program (DR Oper & Cooper).


Challenges addressed by the project:


– To guarantee the persistent coordination of the 14 Danube countries (including communication activities)
– Higher involvement of key stakeholders and Steering Group Members into the implementation of the Strategy
– Facing increasing administrative burdens (eg. reporting duties)
– To prepare the documents, proposals, progress reports etc. before sending them to the Steering Group for comments/approval/voting
– To further strenghten the international cooperation in the field of flood protection and drought
– To cover the costs of staff working in the co-ordination team and their travel to participate at EUSDR events
– To organize Steering Group, Stakeholder and other technical/strategic meetings and in 2017 the Annual Forum
– To support the preparation and implementation of transnational projects
– To ensure the visibility of the activities and achievements of PA5 (editing the PA5 website at on the website of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (, printed brochure)


PA5 provides assistance in project generation, partnership search, networking and dissemination. Furthermore, it deepens synergies with water protection organizations, such as the ICPDR and the Sava Commission. The project partners will work with close cooperation with relevant international organisations as the EU Joint Research Center, ICPDR, the Sava Commission, Carpathian Conventions and GWP-CEE.


The project focus on the following target groups: PA5 Steering Group Members, International Organizations, Regional Public Authorities focusing on environmental risk issues, Higher Education and Research Institutes and the general public.


PA5 project activities will be financed by: Interreg Danube Transnational Programme under specific objective 4.2 ‘Support to the Governance and Implemantation of the EUSDR’ (project co-financed by European Union funds – ERDF)


Project duration: 2017-2019 (36 months)

Lead partner: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Hungary

Project partners: Ministry of Forests and Water – Romania and ICPDR (Associated Strategic Partner)

Project total budget: 352,939.86 €