Establishment of Flood Forecasting Platform for Drava and Mura Rivers


At the moment all hydrological forecasting models of the Drava and Mura rivers are based on various data sources of different quality. Deficit partly attributed to the non-integrative nature of existing national hydrological and flood warning systems in Drava/ Mura basin. Based on the experiences from the extreme floods of past years, the existing system doesn’t provide the adequate safety margin to address the affected people’s needs and safety.


The main goal of the project is therefore to stage a process of preparing a master plan for improvement of flood safety by the development of preliminary inputs for a comprehensive transnational system of flood safety on the Drava/ Mura River. Within the START project, we will start up with the situation analysis of existing frameworks on warning and response systems with a comparison of existing flood management systems in the Danube area. The recommendations will enable the unification of standards, data interchangeability, and bringing forward the reliability of forecasting. A preliminary assessment will provide a corner-stone for the creation of common protocols and forming of cooperation partnership (networking) for future projects – preparation of 2 proposal


Situation analysis of state of the art on flood risks was carried out to analyze the extreme events early warning and response systems of national disaster centers (mapping of best approaches in countries, legislation requirements in setting novel approaches) with corresponding recommendations. Secondly, a comparative analysis of existing flood-related management systems on the EU level has been done in order to attribute a full range of solutions for stakeholders managing the waterways of Drava and Mura River. These build up the basis for future endeavors and proposals of emerging partnerships. The project also formed a strategic partnership/stakeholder network.


Based on the outputs of background analysis two future project ideas (for DTP and H2020) have been developed related to flood forecasting in the Danube region focusing on sub-basins of Drava and Mura.


This project is a EUSDR START project.



Lead Partner: Drava River Electricity producer Ltd. (SLO)

Project Partners:

– HEP Group (CRO)

– General Directorate of Water Management (HUN)

Project duration: 01/01/2016 – 31/07/2016

Total project budget: 15 620 EUR

START contribution: 12 900 EUR