DELOG-FLOOD (Decision-support Tool for Logistical Operations of Flood management)


The project built on the positive results of the HU-SK CBC project FLOODLOG finished in 2014. In FLOODLOG project a concept and a pilot for flood modelling and geoinformation system (GIS) support in related logistic activities of crisis management authorities was developed for the HU-SK border region. DELOGFLOOD is intentionally the starting phase of a larger project involving more partners and areas in the Danube Region. Project partners want to assess current management processes and decision support systems and to develop an international consortium and – as a final goal – to submit an appropriate application for the Danube Transnational Programme 1st Call.


Harmonised and highly effective GIS based support decision tool for crisis situation especially for the logistics having crucial part of rescuing. A prepared study was intended to be a solid and well based background document for the transnational project application. It was also a status-quo report in the focused area emphasising the weak points and the logistic development potentials. A report on partner mapping have also been done contacting all key-players to collect their inputs/opinions and to discuss participation in future consortium.


As a final result an Application Form was prepared and submitted to the DTP 1st Call.


Lead Partner: Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research (HU)

Project Partner: University of Security Management in Kosice (SK)

Project duration: 01/4/2015 – 31/12/2015

Total project budget: 43 382 EUR

START contribution: 38 869 EUR (89,60%)

Contact person: Norbert Graselli (