Quantification of morphological changes in river channels and its impact on flood risk (MORCHFLOOD)‘ project conducted a research with the aim to quantify changes in river morphology and its connection with flood risk in detail. This target was implemented through field works (surveys) which took place in selected parts of Bečva (Czech Republic) and Topľa River (Slovak Republic) in the Carpathian region, where morphological changes and flood risk is present. Data obtained during the field works and actual satellite images were used as a base for development of present scenario for hydraulical models. Study of historical data was carried out  in both rivers and methodology was developed to use these data as base for various scenarios of river channel geometry. Afterwards these scenarios were used in hydraulical models. The analyses of modelled results and comparison between the rivers with quantification of changes on flood risk were taken place. The project also targeted to bring the outputs into practice with the organization of workshops. for  water authorities and municipalities occurring in selected river basins and all persons concerned in this phenomena.


Objectives of the project are in correspondence with the EUSDR PA5 Action: ‘To support wetland and floodplain restoration as an effective mean of enhancing flood protection, and more generally to analyze and identify the best response to flood risk including Green infrastructure’.


Even the Carpathian Rivers are specifics phenomena, outputs from the research can be widely used in others countries in Danube Region and can serve as cases of good practice, where new trends are shared between the stakeholders involved in integrated catchment management.


More details of project outcomes can be downloaded from here.


Lead Partner: University of Ostrava, Department of Physical geography and Geoecology

Project Partners: 

– Slovak Academy of Science, Department of Physical Geography, Geomorphology and Natural Hazards

– Commenius University in Bratislava, Department of Physical geography and Geoecology

Project duration: 01/11/2015 – 30/06/2016

Total project budget: 19 250 EUR

START contribution: 16 311 EUR (84,73%)

Contact person: Mgr. Stanislav Ruman (