Joint activities for the prevention of natural disasters in the transboundary Uzh river basin

The project focuses on the investigation of these water challenges and finding a solution to decrease the negative flood impact and improve the ecological situation in the Uzh River basin and transboundary water sections.

Uzhhorod with a population 117 000 located downstream suffers floods and water scarcity at the same time. Lack of water causes ecological problems, water quality deterioration, and riverbed pollution of Uzh River by the invasive species.

The project aims to solve this problem in Uzhhorod by developing design documentation on regulating weir construction on the Uzh River and mobile dam application within the city. The project innovations – deciding flood and droughts and negative anthropogenic impact – water pollution by oil products. Also, project innovation is the application of modern IT, spatial, and water engineering tools (2D hydrodynamic modeling, aerial photography, mobile dams).

The FloodUZH will benefit target groups by improving flood protection in the Uzh basin and water regime in Uzhhorod – population of the target area, Uzhhorod community, water management authorities, local authorities, NGO.



Number of Project Partners: 5

Project Budget: 1 149 106 EUR

Funded by: EU and ENPI/ENI

Project Duration: 01/09/2019 – 31/08/2022

Lead partner: Tisza River Basin Water Resources Directorate