Joint preparedness activities for wildfires in Komarom-Komarno region


The wildfires are representing an emerging environmental risk in the Danube Region. Due to the climate change the number of events and the level of their impact have increased. In the Actionplan of the Environmental Risks Priority Area (PA5) of the European Union Strategy

for the Danube Region (EUSDR) focusing on strengthening the cooperation between disaster response organizations is one of the main aims, which is also in the focus of this project. Concentrating on a specific hazard will provide an opportunity to identify the gaps and best

practices based on the characteristics of cross-border cooperation of volunteer assets. The volunteer firefighters in the region will have a chance to get to know each other’s capacities, tools and equipment which would lead to better interoperability. Therefore when it comes to real emergencies they will be better prepared to respond jointly. The citizens of the region will be safer from wildfires as a result of the projects. The planned workshops and joint exercising will serve as a platform for the volunteer fire brigades of the region to prepare for cross-border interventions. The information campaign will further improve the awareness of the public; hence they would benefit from the activities by gaining knowledge about wildfires. The involvement of youth as volunteers and as audience would form the behaviour of the public in general.


In order to improve the effectiveness of response efforts, it is necessary to share the operating procedures of both organizations. This eventually will lead to smoother interventions by joint response activities. Joint training, workshops and exercising will support the improvement of more effective response will support the experience and knowledge sharing between the partners. With reaching common understanding the effectiveness of the response efforts will significantly improve. Based on the joint work and discussions, recommendations will be outlined for standardization of the capacities of volunteer fire brigades responding to wildfires. The volunteer fire brigades also intend to raise public awareness of wildfires and the potential risk caused by them.



Number of Partners: 1 (Voluntary Fire Protection of The Slovak Republic)

Project Budget: 26 980 EUR

Project Duration: 02.2020 – 07.2021.

Project Lead Partner: Komárom-Esztergom County Firefighter Association

Project Manager: Gábor Ágoston

Contact Details:

Funded by: Visegrad Fund