Danube Forecasting Forum 2023.



On behalf of the EU Strategy of the Danube Region (EUSDR) Environmental Risks Priority Area, International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) and EU Joint Research Center (EU JRC), we have the pleasure of inviting you to the biennial Danube Forecasting Forum (DAFF) in 2023.



Background information
Reliable hydrologic data provides the basis for a dependable flood forecasting system in the Danube Basin. While it is important to have a proper emergency plan in the countries most afflicted by the flood risk, it is still more important to have a sound forecasting system which can increase the preparation time and therefore save human lives and social estate. A forecasting system that is based on the cooperation between the Danube Basin countries. That was the main of the Danube River Basin Enhanced Flood Forecasting Cooperation project (hereafter: DAREFFORT project). During the three year implementation period it was established a standardized international hydrometeorological data exchange platform which can improve the quality and efficiency of national forecast services. That improvement is still feeding in a public near real time system – DanubeHIS by the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) – that provides data for flood risk management or for any water related scientific activities. During the implementation of the DAREFFORT project the partners collected also the inputs from stakeholders and other interested parties in national expert workshops and results of professional discussions the international level by the Danube Forecasting Forums (DAFF), what was held two times (2019 & 2021).

Based on the importance of the forecasting in terms of the flood protection activities further cooperation was agreed among the parties that DAFF will be organized by EUSDR PA5 (2023), ICPDR (2025) and EC JRC – EFAS (2027). The DAFF is giving a platform for water professionals (hydrologists, meteorologist and civil engineers) from different countries in the Danube basin. This allows discussing the current problems of modern hydrology, which are important within the Danube basin, namely the
forecasting, floods, water management, water security, climate, and flood prevention.

The event is open for experts without a registration fee, however, it requires registration. Please note that accommodation and travel arrangements should be covered by participants.

Please use the following link for the registration:

Deadline for registration: 04/10/2023

If you would like to contribute to the event with a presentation, please let us know by sending the topic of your proposed presentation to the following email addresses:

  • Laszlo.Balatonyi@mfa.gov.hu,
  • Agnes.Barber@mfa.gov.hu

For more detailed program you can read it here: https://environmentalrisks.danube-region.eu/?mdocs-file=4861