Cooperating towards Advanced MAnagement ROutines for land use impacts on the water regime in the Danube river basin – CAMARO-D



Water management is a central issue for the Danube Region and requires strong coordination and cooperation across different countries and sectors. Additionally floods and water scarcity are future challenges to be tackled in an integrated way.


The main objective of CAMARO-D is to provide the initial action to set framework conditions for transnational catchment-based cooperation. The development of a transnational guidance for functional land use management (GUIDR), will be lined out in a best practice catalogue. In this way the aims of River Basin Management Plans for the transnational Danube basin will be supported.


The project will develop comprehensive recommendations towards a strategic policy for the implementation of an innovative transnational catchment-based “Land Use Development Plan” (LUDP) for the Danube River Basin.


CAMARO-D outcomes will therefore eventually provide important inputs for the further development of EUSDR. To underline the importance of its implementation,  a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed during the Final Conference in Vienna in June 2019.


Regional pilot actions will be carried out; followed by the organization of different learning interactions: workshops and pilot-specific trainings with relevant stakeholders in selected pilot areas for sharing of new know-how and adequate measures for application, cross-sector stakeholder workshops and trainings:


the following pilot areas were selected:


AT: Groundwater field Steyr, Catchment area Raab/Gnas, upper Styrian enns Valley, Hochschwab

SI: Ljubljanso barje – Well field Brest, Iska River

RO: Putna River Basin, Black River hydrographic basin

BG: Ochindolska Reka

HR: Kupa river catchment area

CZ: Reservoir Brno waterhsed / Svratka River Basin

DE: Conventwald

RS: Catchments of Gruza and Grosnica reservoir, Catchment of Garasi and Bukulja reservoirs


CAMARO-D received a Letter of Merit from EUSDR PA5 in 2018, since the project mainly contributes to the implementation of the PA5 action ‘To develop spatial planning and construction activities in the context of climate change and increased threats of floods’.


Number of partners: 14 (13 ERDF, 1 IPA and 7 ASPs).

Total project Budget: 2,588,138.36 €

Project Duration: January 2017 – June 2019.

Project Lead Partner: Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management

Project Manager: Mr Hubert Siegel

Contact Details: hubert.siegel(at)

Funded by: INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme; Programme co-funded by the European Union


For more information please visit the official project website.