Danube River Region Resilience Exchange Network (DAREnet)


DAREnet supports flood management practitioners across the EU Danube River region to deepen and broaden their Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) related collaboration. The project is financed by EU Horizon2020 programme. DAREnet builds a multi-disciplinary community of practitioners, operating in a network of civil protection organisations, and supported by a broad range of stakeholders to foster synergies, innovation and its uptake. DAREnet presents a regularly updated RDI Roadmap highlighting promising innovation opportunities to cope with the main challenges in the region. It provides concrete perspectives for further development, industrialisation and uptake of innovations of highest relevance for practitioners, and lays the basis for concrete innovation initiatives, practitioner-driven and “bottom-up”. DAREnet draws upon synergies with the modules and facilities of the EUCPM and the regional strategies for flood prevention and risk management of the ICPDR and EUSDR.


DAREnet will be organised as a network of national Practitioner networks, led by DAREnet National Contacts (DNC), in charge of mobilising and involving their national communities into the region-wide DAREnet Community responding to and involved in managing floods. Practitioners are involved in smaller workshops and online questionnaires. During the project’s lifetime four major events are hosted, where the RDI Roadmaps are presented.


DAREnet received a Letter of Merit from EUSDR PA5 in 2018.


Project timeframe: September 2017 – August 2022

Project budget: 3,500,000 €

Lead partner: THW – German Federal Agency for Technical Relief

List of project partners:


  • ICPDR, Austria;
  • Austrian Red Cross, Austria;
  • International Security and Emergency Institute, Slovakia;
  • Hungarian Civil Protection association, Hungary;
  • National Protection and Rescue Directorate, Croatia;
  • Sector for Emergency Management, Ministry of Interior, Serbia;
  • APELL National Centre for Disaster Management, Romania;
  • Directorate General Fire Safety and Civil Protection, Ministry of Interior, Bulgaria;
  • ITTI, Poland;
  • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Security Studies, Serbia;
  • German Aerospace Centre, Germany;
  • Stad Geeel, Belgium;
  • ARTTIC, France


All partners are active members of the DAREnet Consortium.


Project website: http://darenetproject.eu/


Contact person:


Dr. Christian J. Illing

Project Coordinator DAREnet
Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW)Headquarters | Staff Unit | Strategy and Coordination, Research

G-53127 Bonn, Provinzialstraße 93